Northern Alberta Tow Truck and Equipment Sales is owned and operated by Garry Ternowski and has been in operation for twenty five years. The business was started with customer service in mind and that is still the main goal after many years in business. We are very proud of our hard working and loyal staff and strive to provide the best service possible to our customers. We believe we have accomplished this and look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

The company sells Vulcan and Chevron products – anywhere from the smallest (Vulcan 804) to the largest (Vulcan 975 Rotator). A large inventory of parts and accessories related to the towing industry are available in our parts department. We provide service and repairs for all towing equipment – not only the trucks but revolts, winches, and all other related towing equipment.

The business operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm although Garry is always available after hours and on weekends. If you are not able to come in during business hours the staff will be happy to make arrangements to meet with you at whatever time is convenient for you.

Sales Department


Garry Ternowski

Garry is the owner of the company and is very active in the daily operation of the business as well as in sales. Garry’s main concern has been and always will be customer service and quality control. No one will go further than Garry to make sure his customers are happy with the product he provides. Garry has many years of experience in the towing industry having owned and operated a sizeable towing company for over 38 years as well as owning and operating this company for over 27 years.

Joel Lefebvre

Prior to joining us, Joel worked at Russell Truck Equipment in B.C. for twelve years. He started off sweeping floors then moved on to doing installs. Joel then moved up to service manager. Joel joined our company as a Sales Representative and quickly moved in to become a very important part of the company. Joel has excellent relationships with all of his customers and has a great reputation throughout the towing industry in not only Alberta but in B.C. and Saskatchewan as well. Joel plays a major part in the management of the company and keeps a close eye on the shop activity. Because of his past experience Joel understands the operation of building a truck from the bottom up and how it should be done. Quality control is important to Joel and he closely follows up on the sales he makes to make sure his customers are happy.

Parts Department

Jeremey Grenier

 Jeremy worked at Titan Manufacturing for five years dealing with different types of rigging, and then worked as a tow truck operator for a period of six months. These two jobs have helped prepare Jeremy for his position as an assistant parts person in the tow truck manufacturing field. Jeremy is an asset to not only the department but the company as a whole because of his computer and technology skills.

Scott Goian

Scott has many years of experience in a parts department, and is very good at figuring out problems and practical solutions to problems that may arise. 


Kim Krupa

Kim joined the company in 2015 as the role of General Office Administrator. Her responsibilities include all of the office administration as well as payables, receivables , payroll, and many other numerous duties. Because of Kim’s extensive experience and knowledge and her pleasant personality she is an excellent addition to the company and we are very glad she joined us.