Towing and Recovery Association of Alberta First Annual Meeting!


We are very proud to announce the Towing and Recovery Association of Alberta’s very first annual general meeting.

With the overwhelming support the organizers of the June 3rd 2017 meeting of intent received, it has been decided to officially form a board of directors and start operating as an advocating body representing the interest of the towing and recovery industry in Alberta. At the moment this communication was sent, 33 companies had signed a letter of intent. This surpasses by far what we had dreamed of for an initial group. We would like to thank each and every one of you who attended the meeting or otherwise gave their support in an effort to finally unite and better our industry.

The nomination committee will soon iron out all the details of the positions to be filled and we will be getting in touch with everyone again with instructions on how to propose members for a board position. Only companies who have filled out a letter of intent will be able to nominate board members and on September 10th, only paid members will have voting rights. Membership dues will be collected at the beginning of the meeting. The initial amount for an annual membership has been set at 250$ per member company. This fee may be subject to review during our first year of operation if the board of directors deems it necessary. A membership wide vote will also take place in order to name our newly formed association. A detailed meeting agenda will be communicated at a later date.

Following that meeting, a hearing with Alberta’s ministers of transportation and public safety will be requested to introduce our association and get the dialogue started.






***The July/August 2017 issue of Tow Canada magazine had published the dates of the AGM as being on Saturday September 9th at 1Pm at the Baymont hotel. Changes had to be made after publication date and this is the correct date / time / location of the meeting. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. ***